Trends at the Trail💙💛.!

Since students at The Trail are all limited to what they can wear, many wildcats express their style and personality through their shoes and cool accessories. While everyone has their own tastes, here are some of the top trends that are showing up around The Trail. 

When it comes to jewelry, Wildcats can be seen wearing chokers, necklaces and colorful bracelets all the way up the arms. As for shoes, Yeezy Foam Runners and Crocs seem to be among the most popular choices.  Yes! Crocs are still very popular among students and teachers too. Iyanna Tisdale, a 6th grader, pointed out that many students even wear mix-match Crocs.

Wildcats even wear accessories in their hair.  “I see most students around Saluda Trail wearing either headbands or colorful silly string in their hair,” said Mrs. Jones, Saluda Trail’s Instructional Coach.  Saluda Trail’s guidance counselor,  Mrs. Hardy-Holmes Wilson said, “I students wearing rubber bracelets  and long socks over their pants.” 

Sixth-grader Abi Criminger said she likes wearing her socks over her pants because it feels “more comfortable” that way.

Breonna Simpson-Gilliam, a sixth-grader said her favorite brand of shoes are  Crocs.  She said she also likes wearing fuzzy socks, bracelets and hair accessories. 

Kelsey Murchison, a 7th grader says  she notices a lot of students wearing Babe brand hoodies.  “My favorite brand of shoes are Crocs and Jordan 1’s,” Murchison added.

Diamond Wright, an 7th grader, said her among her favorite accessories to wear are bracelets and hair scrunchies on her wrist.

Jurnee Cook and Elijah Barber, 6th Graders show off their bracelets.

Crocs remain a popular shoe at The Trail.

6th graders Abi Criminger and Skye Baxter,  not only enjoy wearing crocs, they like pulling their socks up over their pants too.

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