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Teacher Reduces Technology

 This school year Mr. Johnson, a 6th-grade social studies teacher,  focused on reducing computer time in his classroom.  Johnson, and other educators say the constant use of digital technology often hampers students’ attention spans. “We had a device down day and I was not sure how to use it because I used devices so heavily, […]

Has the World Become Too Dependent on Technology?

Since technology became a thing, it has changed the world and how we as people go about our daily lives. Both children and adults use technology on a daily basis and have varying opinions on it. With alarm clocks waking us up in the morning to televisions helping put some of us to sleep. Technology […]

New Addition Sparks Creativity

Makerspaces are popping up in schools across the country, and Saluda Trail Middle School has become the first middle school in our area to construct one. Saluda Trail’s maker space was constructed this school year and students and staff are excited about the new environment.  “We’re the only middle school that has one, ” said David […]

Hate Doing Math Homework? This App Could Save Your Life!

Is your math homework killing you? Well here’s the newest math app that could save your life!! Have you heard of the amazing new PhotoMath app? Pull out your smart phone; face your camera to your troubling math problem and bam… problem solved! PhotoMath, also called a “smart camera calculator,” uses smartphone cameras to scan […]

Hour of Code

What started out as a simple hobby has now become a main source of income and creative outlet for Daniel Strokis. Strokis, who works at a Coca-Cola Bottling in Charlotte as an application developer, recently spoke to Saluda Trail students during the Hour of Code. “Code has been hugely influential in my life,” said Strokis. “It’s […]

Nothing Drastic About New Update

Apple developers called it “the biggest iOs release ever,” but does it really live up to all the hype? iOS8, the latest version of Apple’s operating system iOS which powers iPhones, iPads, and iPods was released in September. Compared to iOS7, this new update seems to be based more on improvements, rather than drastic changes. […]

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