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New Lunches! Yay or Nay?

Saluda Trail Wildcats returned to school in August to find changes in lunches. While the cafeteria staff says there’s more variety, this year, many students say they are unhappy with the changes. Our new lunches in the cafeteria may seem like a small adjustment to many outside of the school, but could it be causing […]

Are students being provided with enough opportunities to be creative in school

I think that students aren’t being provided with enough opportunities to be creative.  Schools that have limits on sports players, club activities, and strict dress code or uniforms. Things like art class, P.E, and other in school activities give students small chances to be creative but things like assignments and limits on what to do […]

Pencil Machines Could Give Students the “Write” Tools

You ask your friend or teacher for a pencil, usually you get the same answers, “No,” “Only got one,” “One for me.” Now you’re in class without a pencil and unable to do your work. What if you had a pencil machine in school for only $00.25 to a $1.00?  Wouldn’t that be a more […]

Purple shirts?

How did the purple shirts become an option? This is the main question a lot of students have been wanting to know. Who came up with it, and why is the shirt purple? All of these questions are about to be answered for you! One thing I’ve heard around school is “why do we have […]

Taken for Granted?

Are you one of those people who take your freedom for granted? All of us in some point in our lives probably have!  Many people do, especially kids. They always want the newest phones or gadgets. Many of them don’t even think twice about our brave Americans who fought to keep this country free. They’re too busy […]

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