Purple shirts?


STMS Purple STEAM shirts available in the Front Office for $16

How did the purple shirts become an option? This is the main question a lot of students have been wanting to know. Who came up with it, and why is the shirt purple? All of these questions are about to be answered for you!

One thing I’ve heard around school is “why do we have a new uniform color”? Mr. Moton said “A new uniform color was chosen because of a 7th grade PBL project, to see what color shirt helps students learn better”. Research shows that purple helps stimulate the brain. The shirt was chosen by all grade levels voting on different colors that the 7th graders found that stimulates the brain better. Once all results were tabulated, it was decided that purple was voted on by the  most students.

Something else I really wanted to know, is why do we have a Northwestern color and most kids at STMS are going to South Pointe. Mr. Moton told me “That’s a good question! But the Northwestern and the purple shirts didn’t even come to mind; it wasn’t about the Northwestern color and about what color helps students learn better.

I also asked Mr. Moton if would he consider dropping uniforms and giving students a choice to wear the purple shirts. He said no because there are rules and regulations in our district for dress code. My opinion on the purple shirts is that it’s okay.

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