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Wildcats Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer

Wildcats recently painted the halls pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  On Friday, Oct. 20th you could see staff and students wearing pink throughout the entire school. Each year, October is a time to honor those who have fought the disease and to celebrate the strength of survivors of those like Mrs. Price, a 7th […]

Wildcats Give

Wildcats showed their giving spirit during the holiday season by holding a canned food drive for those in need and donating nearly $700 to two causes.  The can food drive was also a contest  to see which grade level would collect the most food.  According to M. Kenner, Saluda Trail’s Student Council Advisor, 372 cans […]

Native American Day At The Trail

Saluda Trail held Native American Day on Monday, November 20th, 2023.  Members of Catawba Indian Nation showcased their cultural heritage. There was some dancing and playing of musical instruments. The Catawba Indians also told the students about their rich culture and traditions. The presentation took place in the gym for all students and staff.   […]

Poet Conducts Workshop

As students sat in their seats in the auditorium, they quickly began writing, and counting out syllables. They wanted to make sure their lines added up to five, seven, and five. These students took part in a recent poetry workshop.   Poet Angelo Geter visited Saluda Trail Middle School on October  23rd and conducted 2  […]

Book Fair Provides New Reads and Funds For Media Center

Typically Wildcats head to the media center to either check out books or for lessons. However, during the week of Oct. 23rd – Oct. 27th, they had an opportunity to purchase some good books. According to Mrs. Ellison, Saluda Trail’s Media Specialist, there were lots of genres to choose from this time including Sci-fi, Fiction, […]

Red Ribbon Week Raises Awareness of Drugs

This year’s Red Ribbon Week proved to be days filled with fun, as well as educational. Saluda Trail Middle School students and staff celebrated Red ribbon week October 23rd through Oct. 27th. This year’s national theme was “Be Kind to Your Mind. Live Drug Free.” The focus was on students making positive choices to be happy and […]

Teacher Publishes First Book

Mrs. Durham, a 6th grade ELA teacher, recently published her first book  “Trade Places With Me.” The book is based on the stories that her mother told her when she was a child. Mrs. Durham  said she wrote this book because she found  her mother’s childhood stories to be very interesting.  She named it Trade […]

No Tolerance For Bullying At The Trail

Did you know bullying happens more in middle schools than high schools? Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Studies show that both kids who are bullied and  those who bully others […]

Vroom, Vroom 6th Graders Get to Check out Vehicles

A Career Vehicle Day event took place November 18th at The Trail. The vehicles on campus were  truck from Winters Electric Company, a fire truck,  an Army truck and  a command truck. Salute Chew Food Truck,  a hearse from Robinson’s Funeral Home,  as well as a helicopter was also on hand. “The goal at Saluda […]

Farm Field Trip Offers Up Fun

Wildcats got to expreice a bit of farm life with when they visited Cherry Place Farm.  The Fall Field trip included 6th graders who are a part of a mentoring program, along with student amabassadors and members of the TV News Crew, Yearbook and Paw Print Staff.  For many of the students, this was their […]

Teachers Look Forward To Woot Woot Cart

Can Teachers get a Woot Woot?  Yes, they can, thanks to STMS’ PTO.  The Whoot Whoot Cart, sponsored by the PTO (Parent-teacher organization), is out once a month. It has drinks and snacks on it, and it’s totally FREE for teachers to enjoy.  “The Woot Woot Cart is to help boost teacher morale,” said, Mrs. […]

Book Fair Deemed A Great Success

 Saluda Trail  Wildcats had an opportunity in October to build their libraries when Mrs. Ellison, the new media specialist, hosted a Fall Scholastic Book Fair. The book fair provided wildcats an opportunity to shop for numerous books, posters, and trinkets.  Many students and staff said they enjoyed visiting the pop-up bookstore. “There was an assortment […]

Dr. Marshall is Making His Mark

Some might say being a Middle School Principal is a tough job, however, while just getting through his first semester,  Dr. Marek Marshall seems to be making it look easy.  “He has brought structure to our school and he is focused more on the kids than anything,” said  Mrs. Byrd is a 7th-grade ELA teacher. Mrs. […]

Wildcats Show Spirit During Pep Rally

 A Red Ribbon Week Pep Rally was one of many special activities that took place at The Trail October 24th through October 28th. While STMS has been celebrating Red Ribbon Week for a long time, this year was a little different because students were able to show their school spirit while recognizing the dangers of […]

Students Celebrate Success With Socializing & Snacks!

Schools celebrate student successes different way.  At STMS, one of those ways is the Wildcat card celebration. Wildcat cards are given each 9 week grading period for A/B Honor Role and Principal’s Scholar Honor Role. There are 3 levels of the Wildcat Card – white, blue and gold. Each level has its own requirements and […]

Nails Are Making Points At STMS

For some it’s the color.  For others it’s the style or length. No matter the preferred shape or color, nails at STMS has been a popular trend this school year. Ms. Hardy-Holmes Wilson, the 6th grade counselor, says that she likes acrylic, coral colored nails. She says that she like acrylic nails, because her nails are […]

Our Wildcats Behind The Scenes

The STMS News Crew comes on every morning to announce local events that are happening around the school. The work on  writing the scripts, creating graphics, and more. The STMS news crew is made up of  group of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who are interested in media production.  Each morning  the group works hard […]

Teacher Continues to Inspire Through Art

As a young child, Mrs. Copley knew she loved art.  She was always around people who were making things, including her dad who was a shoemaker.  The STMS art teacher has been sharing her passion for art with students for 13 years. Mrs. Copley’s  love for art has led her to pursue different types of […]

Girls on the Move

            There were more than a hundred girls there and all the girls had a blast. They participated in many activities, including rock painting, skin care, volleyball and minute games. They roasted marshmallows at the  fire pit,   designed water bottles, and more. At Girls On the Move or girls night, they […]

Fortnite’s Focus Not Just On Fun: Company Focuses On Ukraine Relief

Many Wildcats enjoy playing Fortnite, an online video game that came out in 2017. The games is still one of the most popular video games for Wildcats who like to play not only by themselves, but with friends.  But did you know that the company behind the game came up with an idea to earn […]

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