Fortnite’s Focus Not Just On Fun: Company Focuses On Ukraine Relief

Many Wildcats enjoy playing Fortnite, an online video game that came out in 2017. The games is still one of the most popular video games for Wildcats who like to play not only by themselves, but with friends.  But did you know that the company behind the game came up with an idea to earn millions of dollars to help the people of Ukraine?

According to Epic Games, the company that developed Fortnite,  $144 million has been raised for organizations providing humanitarian aid to people affected by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.   Epic donated the money that players of Fortnite spent from March 20th through April 3rd.  The Money went toward Ukraine relief.

Piper Gatto, a 7th grader , enjoys playing Fortnite.

“I have grown up with the game Fortnite, said Piper Gatto, a 7th grader. “I  started playing with my brother in Chapter 1,Season 2 and would always have a blast playing with him.”  Gatto said what Epic games has done is outstanding.

“You wouldn’t expect a video game that’s main focus is to be the last one standing to be donating to help a country that has been attacked,” Gatto said. “It’s great that they are doing it as it provides a lot for them and I hope we can still stand with them as they go through this rough time.”

Kenneth Clyburn  also enjoys playing Fortnite. “It is a great game,” he said. “I have fun while playing and it was easy to learn.”

Clyburn said he recommends this game to people who play games. “I found being able to build on this game being fun,” he said. “The only problem is when your internet is bad then you lag in game and sometimes it kicks you out of the game.” Clyburn said it took  him a week to learn how to play Fortnite.  “I play this game daily,” he said.

Rhylnn Brooks said he also plays Fortnite daily. “It took him 3 days to learn this game, but it took me a week to get really good at it,” he said.

Thomas Glover says he “highly recommends” it to everybody. “Fortnite is my favorite game,” Glover said.

Gatto said “props to Fortnite” for their efforts to support Ukraine. “That’s a lot of money and can help them hopefully recover from all this,” she said.


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