Has the World Become Too Dependent on Technology?

Since technology became a thing, it has changed the world and how we as people go about our daily lives. Both children and adults use technology on a daily basis and have varying opinions on it. With alarm clocks waking us up in the morning to televisions helping put some of us to sleep. Technology has made our lives easier by enhancing the way we communicate with each other, the way we get information, and also how we store that information. With all of these benefits, however, some people believe that we are becoming too dependent on technology and that it’s changing the world too much. 

The invention of technology has led us to becoming more engrossed in our devices which leads to nomophobia. Nomophobia is the fear of losing or being away from their phones. According to Trendhunter, 66% of the population suffers from nomophobia today. And with this information, it is understandable that some people believe that we should limit our use of technology.

¨I know my kids love their phones, but sometimes it gets out of control,” said Parent Rosa Beckham. “It´s like they can´t do one simple task without needing their phones. I try setting screen time limits too and that sometimes works but even then you can tell they´re agitated.¨

Although Rosa believes the use of technology, should be limited, Donte Thompson thinks the opposite. Thompson said he believes that even though he may use his phone too much, it actually helps him in a way. “I know I use my phone a lot and it could lead to a bigger problem, but being able to connect with people and being on social media actually keeps me sane,” Thompson said. “I’ve been battling with depression for a little while, and being on my phone is sometimes the only thing that can keep me happy.”

There are people on both sides of this argument but there are also people who see both the positives and negatives and are more in the middle. For example, 8th grader, Korionna Sibley acknowledges how the world is becoming too dependent on technology and it’s more chaotic with it, but she also acknowledges how much it helps her in her daily life. “I use technology all throughout the day,” Sibley said. “I use technology at school to learn and complete my assignments. I use technology to communicate with family and friends, to order food, to do everyday things.”

According to https://www.uopeople.edu/blog/society-too-dependent-on-technology/, if people find a healthy balance between technology and society, it could lessen our dependence on technology. This means finding a way to navigate the world world without completely relying on the use of technology.  For some, this could be challenging because of the amount of centuries or even more we’ve spent using it but with time as a society coming together, it is possible.

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