Teacher Continues to Inspire Through Art

Mrs. Copley, STMS’ Art Teacher enjoys being a creative.

As a young child, Mrs. Copley knew she loved art.  She was always around people who were making things, including her dad who was a shoemaker.  The STMS art teacher has been sharing her passion for art with students for 13 years.

Mrs. Copley’s  love for art has led her to pursue different types of mediums.  “I think that everyone has their own way of art,” said Mrs. Copley.  “I think that I’m a inspirational artist because I combine different types of art to make it mine.”

Mrs. Copley, who teaches Studio Art and Sculpture,  is very encouraging.  She never gives up on herself or her students.

“Every dream takes work, but the work is worth it and always be willing to ask questions, take advice. Also there’s always someone that knows more than you, and you should ask them so they can help you grow.”  She also tells her students, Every artist has thrown away what they started so don’t give up.” 

Mrs. Copley has inspired her students to make original pieces of work in her classes.

Students Jaylah Mobley, a 7th grader, and Janiya Minton, a 6th grader, both said they both enjoy Mrs. Copley’s classes.  They said their favorite part of her classes is painting. Jaylah said  she likes, “The concept of creating the art and the 


Mrs. Copley uses lots of different materials to create art.

 “I just like drawing and stuff because it’s cool and fun,”  said Janiyah.        

Mrs. Copley shows off a piece of art one of her students created this year.

In her spare time, Mrs. Copley enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and of course making art.  She also is very involved with church where she sings on the choir.

Mrs. Copley encourages creativity among her students.  Her favorite part of art is “The process and the fact that you can make something unique and different  from other art pieces.”

Mrs. Copley works with her students to help them create awesome pieces.


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