Our Wildcats Behind The Scenes

The STMS News Crew comes on every morning to announce local events that are happening around the school. The work on  writing the scripts, creating graphics, and more.

Action! Carter Sessoms, a 6th grader, enjoys being a part of the crew.

The STMS news crew is made up of  group of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who are interested in media production.  Each morning  the group works hard to present our students and staff with school announcements.  The team rotates responsibilities so students are able to have a wide  understanding of the ins and outs of media production.

“I like the morning news because of the people and I like to go somewhere in the morning. ” said Kaitlyn Sothers  who serves as one of the editors.

Grace Yearta, a 7th grader who has been a part of the crew since 6th grade, enjoys it.

“My 6th grade year was a Covid year,” said Yearta who is also an editor. “We didn’t start the morning news till February of that year. Mr. Nesbit sent out a form and I filled it out. A couple days later I found out  that I was a part of the morning news. ”

Julia Ashbaugh controls the prompter.

Only any given morning you might find the crew behind one of the four cameras that the crew has to film on. Someone might be working the  prompter that the speakers have to read off of.

Located in the studio on the related arts hallway is  a tv that they can look on to see if everything is in place. There’s a  green screen that’s used to put all the backgrounds on such as the weather and sports scores and etc. Also there is a huge news table in the corner of the news.

The crew often brings in special guest.  Principal Miles is a regular. She comes on almost daily to give any inspirational words that are on her mind.

There is an app on the computer that they edit on were they can edit the sound so the speakers can sound pure with their words.  The STMS news crew works hard each and everyday!

“The news crew worked hard everyday this year to give the student body the most up-to-date information in news, weather, and sports, said Mr. Nesbitt, the News Crew advisor. “They worked as a team and taught each other the different roles in a news studio. They were awesome!”

The crew thinks Mr. Newsbitt is pretty awesome too.  They describe him as a  “very fun guy”  who is always preparing them for the next chapter in their lives.

Mr. Nesbitt , news crew advisor, checks out the morning news. 

Members of the 2021-2022 News Crew: Kaitlyn Suthers, Caleb Walter, Julia Ashbaugh, Zeke Palma, Kristian Edwards, Presley Jackson, Grace Yearta, Carter Sessoms, Sydney Elkins, and Elizabeth Gabanyic (Not in picture).



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