Nails Are Making Points At STMS

Ms. Hardy-Holmes Wilson, the 6th grade counselor, shows off her acrylic nails.

For some it’s the color.  For others it’s the style or length. No matter the preferred shape or color, nails at STMS has been a popular trend this school year.

Ms. Hardy-Holmes Wilson, the 6th grade counselor, says that she likes acrylic, coral colored nails. She says that she like acrylic nails, because her nails are damaged, and they are a bit broken, so she like to put on acrylic nails, because her nails are kind of broken and they need some kind of restoration for them not to break off completely.

A close-up of Mr. Rhodes’ painted nails.

Mr. Rhodes, who teaches photography and digital design, says he likes his nails, because he had a student in the past who has been bullied for trying to paint his nails. After that, Mr. Rhodes stated he started to paint his nails, in case anyone wanted to do it, they weren’t alone in doing it.

Students love the many designs, shapes, colors and different, creative, and unique things  that can be done to nails.

Lacey Baker, a 6th grade student says that she likes both acrylic nails and nail polish. She says she likes fake nails, blue and any shape or size.

Mariya Lowery and  Azayah Adams, both 6th graders, she they like coffin nails.  Lowery added,
“I like blue, white and pink.”

“I like any shape, any color and acrylic nails,” Katelynn Reames,  a 6th grader.

A close up of Ms. Hardy-Holmes Wilson’s acrylic nails.

“I like square nails,” said Kenzley Barber, another 6th grade student.


Did you know? 

Acrylic nails were first developed in 1934 by a dentist named Maxwell Lappe.

It was made out of dental acrylic, made a platform to fix the nail,  and would soon be patented as the first nail form.

That’s how they were made.


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