Book Fair Provides New Reads and Funds For Media Center

Mrs. Ellison shows off items at the book fair.

Typically Wildcats head to the media center to either check out books or for lessons. However, during the week of Oct. 23rd – Oct. 27th, they had an opportunity to purchase some good books.

According to Mrs. Ellison, Saluda Trail’s Media Specialist, there were lots of genres to choose from this time including Sci-fi, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Horror. There were other items for Wildcats to buy, there were School supplies, pens, pencils, calculators, erasers and posters.

Mrs. Hopper, an 8th grade Language arts teacher, made several purchases from the book fair.  The book lover bought several Graphic Novels for her classroom library.  She also said she bought copies of  Goosebumps,  The Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Bad Guy, and  The Last Kids on Earth. “I went to the book fair 3 times” she said.  Mrs. Hopper also bought some items that were not books. “I bought four things that weren’t books. I bought some magic ink pens to be given for prizes.”

Students were able to purchase good books and supplies from the book Fair.

Mrs. Hopper said she was very happy about her kids being appreciative about the books that she bought for their class library. “It also provides money for the library,” Mrs. Hopper stated.

The book fair serves as a yearly fundraiser.  According to Mrs. Ellison there was $3,259.99 in sales this year. The school will receive 40 percent of those funds – a total of $1,304.00 in Scholastic Dollars.

“All the money will be used towards getting new things for the library,” Mrs. Ellison said.

Each year the book fair offers good reads and funds for our media center.
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