Taken for Granted?

Do students take our freedoms for granted?

Do students take our freedoms for granted?

Are you one of those people who take your freedom for granted? All of us in some point in our lives probably have!  Many people do, especially kids. They always want the newest phones or gadgets. Many of them don’t even think twice about our brave Americans who fought to keep this country free. They’re too busy caught up in social media or hanging out with friends to even think twice about it. Take a look at Independence Day, or 4th of July… sooner or later people will probably forget about the true meaning of this holiday. They are too busy having cookouts or buying fireworks or hosting parties. This is the anniversary of the publication of the Declaration of Independence when Thomas Jefferson signed it declaring that our country was officially free from Great Britain. It was signed on July 4th, 1776.

What about Memorial Day? I don’t think kids, and even some adults, even realize what Memorial Day means. It is a remembrance day for remembering those fallen heroes who have died in combat, while serving our country. Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 25. How about Veterans Day; which is a day that gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice for all United States Veterans. Whether it is Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, or Marines, they are all important and all remembered. Kids usually take these days for granted too. They think of it as a day off from school, which it is; however they spend it shopping, sleeping in, or other “leisurely” activities. They don’t remember it as a sacred holiday that we should honor.

Lastly, the American Flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Most classes say the Pledge every morning; although most kids don’t even participate or say it. They put their hand over their heart and that’s it. It is understandable if some kids are offended by some of the words in the Pledge, maybe because of their religion or maybe it is for some other reasons. That still doesn’t give you the excuse to not participate. The problem with all of this is that people are forgetting the true meanings of the holidays. They take our freedom for granted; so next time when your are enjoying yourself, or eating or something like that, just remember our veterans and remember; they are fighting and defending while we are having fun. We need more Patriotism from everyone. Why not stand up now? Do something instead of doing nothing!

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