First Female in Office?

Hillary Clinton’s official announcement to run for president of the United States has a lot of people talking, including teachers at The Trail.

Mrs. Clinton is running for the Democratic nomination. She was the First Lady to Bill Clinton from 1993-2001. Now he might be the first “First Man” in the White House.  When Hillary Clinton was elected as a U.S. Senator in 2001, she became  the first woman to hold a national office. Now she might be the first woman to become a president.

Mr. Kostecki, a 7th grade science teacher, said  the U.S. is more than ready for a female president.
“The world has already witnessed them and we have had many female leaders,” Kostecki said. “There is evidence and examples throughout our history that have proven the ability of women to be great leaders. Their record speaks for itself and is why I believe many would respect one.”

Kostecki said he doesn’t foresee any major changes in the country if it were to be ran by a female president. “I think it would be business as usual,” he said. “I think a president’s job to protect and serve our country. I don’t think any female would go in pushing a one-sided agenda just to prove anything. I understand that there are countries in the world that believe that women should not have a leadership role. However, in Hillary’s case, she has the worldly experience as 1st Lady and Secretary of State to understand how to deal with those countries leaders already.”

Kostecki went on to say, “I think she is a formidable opponent to anyone who would think that she shouldn’t stand at the same level as them.”

Kostecki  added that he doesn’t base his voting on gender. “It wouldn’t be something that I even consider,” he said. It is the same thing with the 1st African American President. Race, religion, gender is not part of the criteria I would use to vote for president. My choice would be based mainly on their political views, experience, and track record of working across party lines (being a leader who brings people together) and their international knowledge and experience.”

Ms. Hood, the media specialist, said the beauty of our the United State is “It’s a free country and she can run for whatever she wants.”
Kostecki  said he believes the Democratic party will behind her with full support if she  wins the nomination.   “Unfortunately I think if Hillary is elected there are a lot of people who will never accept her no matter what, ” he added. “We have become a two sided country with no in between. I think both parties need to gravitate more to the middle. We can only hope.”




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