Are students being provided with enough opportunities to be creative in school

I think that students aren’t being provided with enough opportunities to be creative. 

Schools that have limits on sports players, club activities, and strict dress code or uniforms.

Things like art class, P.E, and other in school activities give students small chances to be creative but things like assignments and limits on what to do take those chances away.

Research shows that schools demand too much of children like when you’re doing a project in art class the give you a lost of directions to follow.

Teachers tell them what to do and how they do it.

Experts say creativity is innate, so it can’t really be lost. But it needs to be nurtured.

But Teachers at school encourage it but destroy it at the same time which leaves kids clueless on what exactly their supposed to do.

But some people would disagree because schools provide many opportunities like extra activities.

Though we do have these things some students don’t enjoy these activities because they’re not interested in the topic.

Each person has a different thing their interested and some kids don’t have an opportunity to express what they love at school as well as maybe at home.

Schools take these rights away when they add directions on an art project or an assignment the student feels strongly about limiting them to what they can talk about and keep their opinion to themselves.

Students have a right and their school takes that away but also encourages it for their students when their the ones probably limiting how much creativity they can use.

Each student has a right to be creative and I feel like school takes away that opportunity by having strict instructions on how to do a project or assignment.


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