Pencil Machines Could Give Students the “Write” Tools

Pencil Machines could provide STMS students with the "Write" Tools

Pencil Machines could provide STMS students with the “Write” Tools

You ask your friend or teacher for a pencil, usually you get the same answers, “No,” “Only got one,” “One for me.” Now you’re in class without a pencil and unable to do your work. What if you had a pencil machine in school for only $00.25 to a $1.00?  Wouldn’t that be a more convenient way of getting one then always asking someone for a pencil?

Currently students wanting to purchase pencils must do so at the school store. Saluda Trail’s school store is located in the media center.  It is open before school and during lunch.  Prices range is from $0.10 to $5.00.  Students can purchase the usual school supplies like pencils, paper, notebooks, and even things for Science Fair like the science fair boards. “Any school supplies, we have it,” said Ms. Hood, Saluda Trail’s Media Specialist.

The store however, is not open when the media center is closed. This sometimes presents a problem for students who are in need of supplies. Students who attended Oakdale Elementary School had access to a pencil machine and say they liked being able to purchase pencils throughout the school day.

Jarod Feaster, a former Oakdale student, liked the pencil machine. “They had different pencils,” Feaster said. “It was cheap, only a quarter.” Dasani Jackson agreed. “It was cheap and they had different designs,” said Jackson. Students said the pencils in the machine had festive colors and cool designs.

Some students , however, said there were problems with the machines.

Jordan Mahoney, former Oakdale student, says “It stole my money and I really hated it because it was broken down and I could’ve used that money for ice cream.”

Chasidy Cureton, another former Oakdale student, said “I didn’t like it at first because it took my money.”

Mrs. Campbell, Saluda Trail principal, said she hasn’t heard of any requests for pencil machines. “I haven’t seen that as a need,” said Mrs. Campbell. “I’ve never heard of someone in need of a pencil, since we sell pencils in the media center.”

Some students and teachers, however think that pencil machines could benefit students. “I think a pencil machine is a great idea,” said Ms. Lengel, 7th grade science teacher. “Students often find themselves without a pencil and a pencil machine would give them a way to solve that problem,” Lengel added.  A pencil  machine could be a game changer.

Those who like the idea of having a pencil machine said if Saluda Trail decides to purchase one, hopefully it will give students the “write” tools.

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