G.E.M.S = Pretty & Brainy

All of the girls who attend this club are pretty and brainy.  Saluda Trail’s’ G.E.M.S. Club, which stands for Girls in Engineering,  Math and Science, is an all girls club that meets at 7: 45 a.m. every other Thursday in the media center.  It is open to girls in all grades. The sponsors say there is an equal balance between pretty and brainy. “One week they will do an activity with something pretty and then the next week brainy,” said one participant Kaylynn Strain.”

At a recent G.E.M.S. meeting Mrs. Lengel, 7th grade science teacher and one of the sponsors, could be heard saying, ” When I say pretty, you say brainy.” The participants excitedly chanted along: “Pretty Brainy, Pretty Brainy.”

G.E.M.S. participants say they enjoy not only coming together to learn about engineering, math and science, but to have fun doing girly stuff as well.

“One week the G.E.M.S. made prizes for the girl’s night,” said Emma Westmoreland, a 7th grade participant. Westmoreland said the girls enjoyed the arts and crafts. “We made really nice flower pots,” she added.

Seventh Grader Rageligh Sullivan agreed.”It’s an activity that I will never forget,” Sullivan said. “It was a time where we bonded and laughed and got a lot accomplished.”

G.E.M.S. plays a major role in helping to expose students to careers in the areas of Engineering, Math and Science . “It’s our job as G.E.M.S to make sure there is more female scientist and engineers,” said Leeann Miller, a 6th grade G.E.M.S. participant .

G.E.M.S. participants say they are "Pretty Brainy!"

G.E.M.S. participants say they are “Pretty Brainy!”



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