Teacher Reduces Technology

Mr. Johnson tries to find ways to engage his students without using technology.

 This school year Mr. Johnson, a 6th-grade social studies teacher,  focused on reducing computer time in his classroom.  Johnson, and other educators say the constant use of digital technology often hampers students’ attention spans.

“We had a device down day and I was not sure how to use it because I used devices so heavily, but even so all my students paid more attention and showed more interest in the class,” Johnson said.  “I used to use devices for everything during my class but have lowered that a lot.”

Mr. Johnson said he believes this system also helps the students focus for any day.

Students in Mr. Johnson’s 6th grade Social Studies Classes used less technology this year.

Although Mr. Johnson enjoys giving his students a break from computers, some of the students are so happy about it. states, “I don’t like this because things go slower than they would on our school computers, ”  said  Kelsey Murchison a 6th grader.  Also, “I think the future 6th graders won’t like this either.” Kade McAllister, also a current 6th grader, says, “I kind of like not using devices but at the same time I would like to use them more.”

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