Students Say Crocs are Comfy and Cool

Crocs have become a major fashion trend at STMS this school year. The shoe, a rubber clog, once seemed to have disappeared but has not made an amazing comeback, not just at The Trail, but around the world.

I have two pairs of crocs,” said 8th grader McKinley Hood. “I have a blue pair and a purple pair,” Hood said she purchased hers from the Croc store. “They cost around 40 dollars each,” she added.

Hood and other Croc wears like to decorate them with shoe charms like  Jibbitz. Jibbitz shoe charms can cost around $2.99 each. Other Charms can be bought in bulk off of sites like Amazon and cost less.

Throughout the halls of the trail you can find students wearing Crocs in many different colors and styles. Both girls and boys can be seen sporting them. Even some teachers have been wearing them too.

Crocs are a major fashion trend this year at the trail. Students McKinley Hood, Claire Williams, and Makenzie Mitchell show how they have personalized their Crocs with charms.

Croc wearers say adding charms allows them to personalize them.

Garrett Brown, a 7th grader, likes how lightweight and comfortable Crocs are. He said when he walks it feels like he does not have any shoes on.                                                   

Erin Huff, another 7th grader, has also taken a liking to how stylish Crocs are.  Huff said they are easy to put on and easy to personalize. Jibbitz can easily be popped on and off. They come in hundreds of different designs.

“They are good for walking around in and just staying around the house,” said Huff who purchased her for $39.

Claire Williams, an 8th grader, has 3 pairs of the rubber clogs. “I have one black pair, one pink pair, and one blue pair and they’re all decorated with Jibbitz,” said Williams.  Williams said she has 15 Jibbitz. “I have 3 volleyballs, a number 3 and a number 8 for my volleyball numbers, an egg, a rainbow, 2 piglets, a Dory, a Sully, 2 ice creams, a Winnie the Pooh, and an American flag,” she added.

Makenzie Mitchell, who owns two pairs, said “I like how you can style them how you like.  They’re easy to just throw on and they are easy to clean.”

A’Najiana Wade, an 8th grader, owns 8 pairs of Crocs.  “They are very fashionable because they go with anything and they make your uniform stand out,” Wade said.

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