Team 8-1 got a taste of the real world

On Friday November 11th, team 8-1 students got a taste of the real world. The teachers on this team held a Mock Interview Day for their students. The students were paired with professionals who gave them mock, one-on-one job interviews.

Mrs. White, the ELA teacher on the team, said this was the fourth year that her students had participated in the mock interviews.  It was a part of a unit that was based on language arts and math.

Mrs. White said this year was a major success. “Everyone was well dressed, practiced and very prepared,” said Mrs. White.  She said each student that participated got to create a resume which included their accomplishments and skills.

Another part of the unit included research. Mrs. White said the students got to research their dream job and see what it was like.  They also had to create a budget.

“I was really nervous,” said Eli Davis who was interviewed by Ms.Quannie Johnson for the position of environmental engineer. “I have never done anything like this.”

Mrs. White said several speakers were brought in. One of this year’s guest was a music manager who was former wildcat. Mrs. White said her first performance happen to be at an STMS talent show which inspired her to do what she does.


Students on Team 8-1 got a taste of real life when they participated in Mock Interview Day.


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