Twisted Strings

Saluda Trail Middle Schoolers have discovered new ways to lace up their shoes. It’s called shoe braiding. Students say it saves you time.

“At first I  didn’t like the idea of braiding shoelaces,” said Summer Martin, a 7th-grade student. “But then when I tried it, it became easier.” Martin added, “Because my bus comes early,  it’s easier to put on my shoes,so it saves me time.”

Martin, who said she learned how to braid her laces from a friend and the internet,  said, “Sometimes I like to change the color of my shoelaces to switch up the look.”

Jessica Perkins, another 7th-grade student  said, “I learned from the internet, but I didn’t understand it so I asked a  friend that already had their shoes braided and she taught me how to braid my shoes.” Perkins said that her favorite style was the fishtail braid. 

There are many different styles of braiding, including the french braid.

Katelyn Armacovitch said she first started braiding her shoes in 6th grade. She said learned from watching a youtube video. Armacovitch said she searched life hacks. The first hack was somebody braiding shoes. The hack, she said, was for when you’re in a rush and it takes time to tie your shoe, just braid it the night before so all you have to do is slip your foot in it. Armacovitch said she told herself, “I need to do this!” 

Armacovitch added, “Sometimes I like to change my color; I like to be different.”




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