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Thanks to a double organ transplant, Dr. Julie Marshall, a 7th grade ELA teacher, is stronger than ever.

Dr. Marshall, who teaches on team 7-3, has been out for 9 weeks after receiving a new kidney and pancreas. She suffered from diabetes for 22 years and was desperately in need of a double organ transplant.

“I only had about a year to live,” said Dr. Marshall who stressed the importance of organ transplants. She said with organ transplants, “It’s not if you survive you might be able to live longer, but it’s almost a definite that you’ll survive.”

Dr. Marshall, who prides herself as being a strong and faithful woman, said she had been on a waiting list for years. During that time, she said her dog was instrumental in helping to save her life.

He was able to identify highs and lows in my blood sugar,” said Dr. Marshall of her dog Clark who is a Blue Heeler. “When it would ‘swing,’ he would lick me until I checked my blood sugar and took measures to get it back to normal. He has woken me up from a sound sleep several times and helped save my life.”

In August, Dr. Marshall finally received the call she had been waiting on. “We got the call lying in bed at about 3:30 a.m.,” she said. “It took us by surprise; they gave us 3 hours to get there and it is a 3 hour drive.”

The transplants took place at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. She has been back several times for checkups and said everything is working well.

Dr. Marshall is ready to return to The Trail. “I love my kids that I’ve only known for four days,” said Dr. Marshall. “I’m missing my kids so much!”

Her students and colleagues have missed her too. While she has been away,  teachers, students and staff have rallied behind her recovery. T-Shirts saying #DocMarshallStrong were designed, ordered and purchased. The proceeds will all go toward her medical expenses. Many sent cards and made phone calls.

There have been so many acts of kindness and love that I could not begin to list them all for fear I would leave someone out. I am so humbled by the outpouring and incredibly thankful, said Dr. Marshall.

Mrs. Ford, another ELA teacher at Saluda Trail, said Dr. Marshall is one of the positive people that she knows. “She never gives up, and has a love for learning,” said Mrs. Ford who is a long-time friend of Dr. Marshall.

Dr. Marshall has been a teacher in Rock Hill and Fort Mill Schools for more than 30 years and has been recognized for her outstanding service. She was named Rock Hill School District’s Teacher of the Year, Finalist for SC Teacher of the Year and a National Teacher of Excellence (one of the top 5 educators in the country) to name a few.

Although Dr. Marshall still has some recovering to do – she can’t lift anything up over 2 pounds, and she has to be very careful about her stomach area – she said she has more energy and feels healthier than ever.

“I’m ready to come back to school and finish out the year,” Dr. Marshall said.


Dr. Marshall said her dog Clark, a Blue Heeler, was instrumental in helping to save her life.

Dr. Marshall said her dog Clark, a Blue Heeler, was instrumental in helping to save her life.



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