Guess Who



He’s one of STMS’s very own. He played on your football fields, and your basketball courts. Mr. Moton couched him, and he says “He was a beast” on the field. You still don’t know who it is? It’s Tori Gurly!

What was he like? He was a great teammate. Mr. Moton said,  “He was willing to do whatever it took to help the team win.” He was a hard worker and in return he was a great influence to the other team mates. He was all so very selfless he wanted a creation position but Mr. Moton saw that he had potential to play another position. He knew that it would be better for the team if he did what his couch thought was best.

Mr. Moton said that he remember Tori’s passion for the game. Tori was a normal teenage boy, and so he was hard headed but he was wise to listen to his couches. When some people lose a game they are just mad, but he took a different approach. Mr.Moton said that he was of course upset, but he thought back on what went wrong and tried to improve on it. Then what was he like then when he won? He was the same except that he was happy. He still went back and tried to improve on what he had done wrong. What a great player.

So now that you have heard from his coach, now let’s hear from Tori. So you might think that this school isn’t the best, but now you see that it has stars. Tori said “I had a lot of good memories.” He praised all of his teachers. He said that they were all great. He said that this was a great stepping stone towards his career. He also mentioned how much this school has changed for the better. We have all this new technology and we have so many more opportunities. So just think if he could make it big with what he had then think what you could do now.

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