Wildcats Gear up to Play Ball

STMS Baseball Coach Black

Coach Black, STMS first ever baseball coach, is excited about the new program.

Since Saluda Trail’s opening in 1999, this school has seven different sport options for students in which the school has consistently dominated.    Saluda Trail expanded its sports options this year with the addition of a baseball team and now there are eight sports from which students can choose.

“It’s a good thing,” said Carson Westmoreland, who is a second baseman. “I’m happy to play on the first ever team.”

Since the beginning of Saluda Trail, basketball and football have garnered a  lot of sports interests at our school. Because of this, the focus was not on baseball. A parent, however, approached Coach Byrd and asked if there was a possibility for a baseball team. Mr. Venables, who is now serving as an assistant coach, also wanted to find out if there was enough interest to form a team. There was.

From February 2nd to February 5th, 28 students competed for a spot on the first ever Saluda Trail baseball team.  The players that made the cut had to have the following attributes: throwing, fielding, hitting, speed, and baseball iq.  After all the cuts had been made, 13 out of the original 28 made the team.

Since enough interest was present, Coach Black (the head coach) started to fundraise because the Rock Hill School District currently does not fund the new baseball team.  Coach Black started to fundraise with local businesses and privately owned small businesses.  Along with small and local businesses, some parents, including Mrs. Craig and the Greenwoods helped with funds.   Fundraising was simple. Coach Black would ask the businesses “would you like to help start a youth baseball program at Saluda Trail.” Several were willing.

The 2016 and first ever Saluda Trail baseball team players include: Nate Barber, Cody Craig, Logan Craig, Nolan Faulkenberrry,  Troy Frazier, Josh Gainey, Ernie Greenwood, Chase Johnson, Chris King, Jarrett Mayfield, Seven Roach, Ben Venables, Carson Westmoreland,  and Tyrese Weeks-Minton.

Mr. Moton  is excited about the new team. “This team will give students an additional opportunity to compete in a sport that they love and compete for the school, said Mr. Moton, 7th grade principal and former athletic director. “This will also help students prepare for the high school level.”

If you are interested in watching the Wildcat’s new baseball team in action, below is a list of upcoming games, locations, and dates.All games start at 5:30 PM.

Date Opponent Location
 4-11-16  Fort Mill  South Pointe
 4-13-16  Clover  Clover
 4-14-16  Banks Trail  Banks Trail
 4-22-16 Tournament  Rock Hill


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