STMS Students Go Back In Time

STMS students recently took a step back in time when they took part in the school’s annual Renaissance Festival. The festival was held October 23, 2014 and was thoroughly enjoyed!

As part of the related arts curriculum, students spent several weeks learning about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance time period. The festival was the culmination of the unit.

As students approached the auditorium they encountered photo fairies who took their pictures. They encountered a beautiful princess and handsome prince. They even stumbled upon the regal queen and king, who were dressed in majestic clothing. Members of this year’s royal court were King Isaac Ross, Queen Scarlet Gilmore, Prince Tommy Titchenal and Princess Kyndall Cureton who were voted on by their peers.

When students entered the auditorium, they were dazzled by the amazing performances of the 8th grade students. They heard rich songs from the era sung by the chorus and played by the band. There were even demonstrations of the medieval sport of jousting.

“The Renaissance Festival is fun for kids because they learn about the Renaissance foods, music, literature, art, fashion, and drama,” said Mrs. Pam Johnson, founder of the school’s festival. “The Renaissance Festival is also fun for adults because they get to see their kids perform, and they can learn things about Renaissance entertainment.”

Mrs. Johnson, who is also the chorus teacher, added, “I think we do a good job with being authentic. We have all sorts of entertainment in our festival, but we don’t have any food!”

Zaria Leaks, an eighth grader who participated in the festival, said she enjoyed the event. “My favorite part was the dancing,” Leaks said.   Leaks said she learned about the different events that the people of that time period would have and participate in.

Dorian Manning, another eighth grader at STMS, said that he did not participate in the festival, but his favorite parts were the dancing, the band and the chorus. Dorian said he also enjoyed learning about Renaissance clothing in his classes.

Darcell Caswell, a  7th grader at Saluda Trail, said “[The festival] was cool.” Mckenzie Stevenson, another  7th grader, agreed with Darcell, and added, “It was very musical and detailed.”

They all agreed that the festival was  an enjoyable annual tradition.


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