STMS Students Loved Scary Fun Nights

Throughout the month of October, many Saluda Trail Middle School students spent their weekends being terrorized by creatures of the night. Carowinds, our area theme park, is transformed into a “scream park” each season when it debuts as Scarowinds Halloween Haunt. Carowinds is located at 14523 Blvd in Charlotte, NC.

Some students enjoyed making their way through the seven horrifying mazes and five outdoor scare zones. There were also two live shows – The Graveyard Shift and Jamnmstion.

Each weekend, STMS students bravely faced more than 500 monsters and creatures that prowled around. “I was very nervous when I was walking into the park,” said Alaysha Fewell , a seventh grader. “The scariest part was when I was walking through a haunted house and a man popped out at me and got in my face.”

Students said they enjoyed the park’s eerie change, even riding the rides in total darkness. “It was scarier to ride the rides at night than during the daytime,” said Ahmani McCullough, a STMS 7th grader.

Scarowinds was rated PG-13 and according to its website,  it might have been too intense for young children.  All the terror and screams ended last weekend. So if you didn’t get a chance to go, some say you missed out.

Jon’Tarius Reid, another STMS 7th grader, agreed that Scarowinds was a frightful experience. “It was scary,” Reid said.








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