Will School Dances Make A Comeback?

Students show off a yearbook page from the 2019-2020 school year where photos from the last school dance were spotlighted.

It’s been a few years since a school dance has been held at STMS and many students say they would love to be able to attend one this year. Only some of the 8th graders who were here in 6th grade actually have had a chance to experience a Wildcat Dance.  The last dance at STMS was in 2020 before the pandemic. Due to Covid-19 school dances were canceled for everyone ever since.

“My 6th grade year I was very exited for the school dance,” said Raelyn McClurkin, an 8th grader. ” I got to hang out, dance, and have an amazing time with my friends, all while being at school. After a long, hard year of work, being rewarded with a school dance was amazing, McClurkin added. ” I smiled and laughed more than ever before. I hope I can do it all again.”

Students enjoyed dancing and being with friends at the last school dance. Only some of the current 8th graders have had an opportunity to experience a Wildcat dance.


Khyia Patterson another 8th grader who attended the dance  stated “It was fun for the most part. We got to be with all of

our friends in every grade, and dressed nice. It was one point where one of the boys was in the middle dancing and everyone was hype and having fun.”

Current sixth and seventh graders say they don’t want to miss out on an opportunity of having a dance this year.

“I feel like we should all have a chance to have a dance in middle school instead of waiting for high school,” said Calvary Smith, a 7th grader. “I would want this for us so we can have a good time with our friends while we are young.”

 Some parents even said the would be OK with bringing dances back. 

  “When I was in High school I didn’t go to prom so school dances are not something I did, but I would let my child go to dances so she can have fun,”  said Taninya Smith, an STMS parent. 

Stephanie Wilson another STMS parent said, “I would definitely let my kids attend dances and I would help fund it if it was needed.”

Mr. Newton the 7th grade assistant principal said, “I like the sound of bringing back dances, but student will have to prove they deserve and earn it!”

Students also enjoyed taking photos at the photo station at the last dance.

Mrs. Dantzler, a related arts teacher agrees with Mr. Newton.  “I have chaperoned several middle school dances as a former student counsel advisor, I have also sponsored many of them as well,” said Mrs. Dantzler. “The students and teachers always had lots of fun. The music and DJs are always hype. However, I feel like this year  students would definitely have to earn that privilege  in order to bring back dances.”

The 2019-2020 Yearbook students captured lots of memories from the last Wildcat dance.

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