Girls on Track

Girls on Track2While their ultimate goal is to train for a 5K-run, Girls on Track offers Saluda Trail Middle School students much more than that.

Girls on Track is the middle school program for Girls on the Run. It is designed especially for middle school girls. Currently, there are 13 girls who are a part of Saluda Trail’s program which focuses on enrichment, social development and friendship. It is open to girls in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

Emma Watson, a 7th grader who participates in Girls on Track, said she enjoys being a part of the group. She said Ms. McAndrews, one of the group’s three sponsors, invited her to participate.

“The reason I joined was to get more active,” said Watson who recommends it to other girls. “I wanted to get healthier.” Watson said what she gets out of Girls on Track is “feeling good after you do something good.”

Gracie Hilton, a 6th grader also enjoys Girls on Track.

” I like that I can be who I really am when I am there,” Hilton said.

This is the 3rd season of Girls on Track at Saluda Trail. A new season will begin in January.

“My favorite part of Girls on Track is hanging out with the girls, and getting to know them and seeing how accomplished they are after the 5K,” said Ms. McAndrews.

Ms. McAndrews said she decided to sponsor Girls on Track because she wanted a fun place for girls to talk and exercise.

The girls meet twice a week after school and participate in a lot of fun activities like games, discussions, and a community service project. Running is incorporated into the activities. While there is a cost involved, Ms. McAndrews said there are scholarships available.

Ms. McAndrews said there are a lot of benefits to being involved in Girls on Track. “They become stronger women and realize they can accomplish anything they put their mind to.”

To find out more about Girls on Track, see Ms. McAndrews, Ms. Carter or Ms. Sechrist.

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