Mayor John Gettys Ready To Tackle Second Term

Rock Hill’s Mayor John Gettys

Newly re-elected Mayor John Gettys says he’s excited about his second term as he continues to work toward making Rock Hill a “City for All.” Mayor Gettys says he is committed to creating a better future for all citizens.

‘’Rock Hill For All is for us to remember that the benefits and opportunities of our community should be available for anyone no matter where the person lives or their condition in life,” Mayor Gettys recently said.

On October 19, 2021, Gettys reclaimed the job of mayor of Rock Hill for his second term, beating William ‘’Bump’’ Roddey and Ishmael Lowery. Gettys received 51.30% of the votes, While Bump

 Roddey came in second with 33.70% of the votes, and Ishmael Lowery came in laswith 14.80% of the votes.


During the last election in 2017, Gettys was defeated Bump Roddey in a runoff race.  Bump Roddey was hoping for a different outcome this time. He will, however, be able to make an impact in York County, as he returns to his position in politics as a County Councilman for York County.  Ishmael Lowery, who made his first run in politics, will  continue working as a business owner. 

According to the South Carolina Election Commission, to be eligible  to vote in South Carolina a resident has to be at least 18 years old. Although middle school students aren’t able to vote, some STMS Wildcats still had their thoughts on the election.

Jack Neal, a 7th-grade student at STMS, said  he believes  Gettys will have a positive affect on  Rock Hill.  ”He will affect Rock Hill in a positive way because he will improve the well-being of Rock Hill,” Neal said.

Mr. Charles a 7th-grade social studies teacher stated he hopes to see improvements in Southern Area of our city.

”Now since mayor Gettys is re-elected for mayor he should spend money on Southern schools in Rock Hill, including Oakdale Elementary School, Saluda Trail middle school, and South Point High School,” said Mr. Charles.

Mayor Gettys stated that he would take a closer look at additional entertainment for teens in Rock Hill.

“We need more opportunities for teens and young adults in Rock Hill.,” Mayor Gettys said. “We have a lot of great parks for activities and more jobs than ever before (it seems) but no real community gathering location for teens.  The Mall used to be one location where teens could gather.  That doesn’t really work well anymore so we have to think about this a good bit more.”
Davis Capel, a7th-grade student at STMS, said, “If I could vote, I would have voted for Gettys because he was not a bad mayor in his first term so I would vote for him again.’’




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