Wildcats Enjoy Cashing in Cat Coins

Mrs. McCoy, the 7th grade counselor, hands  Bryson Connor an item from the Cat Coin Store.



The Cat Coin Warehouse  at Saldua Trail has become a welcomed addition. Students go to the store on Fridays and cash in their cat coins for rewarding prizes.

Mrs. McCoy, the seventh grade counselor, stated the most popular items students like to receive from the cat coin store were Takis, candy, and Popits.  The Cat Coin Warehouse  is open every Friday during lunch.  

Students can receive tickets from teachers for various reasons.  Mrs. Byrd, a 7th grade ELA teacher gives out  tickets for  “right behavior and for being respectful and being on task.”

Once tickets have been earned, five t

Wildcats enjoy cashing in their cat coins and tickets for cool stuff.

ickets can be traded in for a Cat Coin.  The coins can  be cashed in for the items in the warehouse. For example  – chips and Popits are 2 Cat Coins and candy is  3 cat coins.  Other items in the warehouse include Airheads, Skittles, chocolate candy bars and Fidgets.

Mrs. McCoy shows of the many items students receive when cashing in their Cat Coins.

Mrs. McCoy said she enjoys working at the warehouse. “I love working at the Cat Coin store because  love seeing kids spend the coins that they earned and hope it encourages them to do better,” she said. 

STMS students have enjoyed receiving items from the warehouse.

Ayden Neal said that he loves the Cat Coin Warehouse because he likes the candy and chips.   Ty’Quan Brice said he likes the dress down passes because he likes to be “dripped out.”

Each Friday the Cat Coin Wareshouse is opened for students to cash in their tickets and coins.

Zimer Smith said he loves the candy so he can have “more energy” for when he goes outside.

Mr. Newton, the 7th grade Assistant Principal, said the Cat Coin Warehouse was invented last year. It was opened Thursdays and Wednesdays during that time because they had 2 groups of students. One group came Mondays and Tuesdays and the other came Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Jasmine Cousar said the warehouse reminded her of a store at her former elementary school.  “We had a store called the’ Dragon Store’ at Oakdale Elementary,” Cousar said. “It was like the same thing because they had toys, shirts, water bottles, passes and other things like the Cat Coin Warehouse.”



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