Oops They did it again: 7th and 8th Grade Football Teams Capture Championships

The Saluda Trail Middle School Football teams ended their 2018 season with very impressive records. The 8th-grade team had a stellar undefeated journey this season, while the 7th-grade team only lost one game.  Players and coaches from both teams were extremely proud of their season and for winning their conference championships.

The 8th-grade team celebrated after going undefeated this season and winning their championship game.

Coach Dunham, who coached the 8th-grade team, said, “I feel like a proud parent, just to see them grow from 6th grade to 8th grade.” Coach Dunham said he can’t wait to see them play on the next level. “I’m excited to see them move on to high school and get a higher education and to see them play in high school.

Jordan Miller, one of the captains of the 8th-grade team, was proud of the way the team played. 


Jordan Miller, of the captains for the 8th-grade team, said, “ I feel bittersweet and now I ’m moving onto basketball and football basketball in high school,” said Miller who played his last middle school football game.

 Mikey Mann,  a 7th-grade captain, said he was also proud of their season.

Mikey Mann,  a 7th-grade captain, said this season was special because it was his first championship.

“I’m proud because all Saluda Trail Athletes are talented,” said  Mann.   The captain added he was excited about the championship win against Dutchman Creek for two main reasons. “This was my first championship,” he said, “And Dutchman Creek was the only team that beat us all season.”

This was the 7th-grade team’s biggest win of the season. Prior to the championship game, Dutchman Creek was previously undefeated.

The seventh-grade football team had an impressive season. With only one loss, they were able to capture a conference title winning the championship game.

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