Should 6th Graders Be Allowed To Play Sports?

This school year 6th graders in North Carolina were given the opportunity to participate in all middle school athletics, except for football. Here, in SC, however, 6th graders still aren’t allowed to play sports. Wildcats have different opinions as to whether 6th graders should play.

Some Wildcats say 6th graders should be allowed to play, while others say they should wait it out.

Mr. Kirk Robinson, who coaches 7th-grade boys basketball, said 6th graders should be given an opportunity to play. “It lets students get an extra year of practice,” said Robinson. “My daughter played as a starter on basketball in 6th grade,” he said.

Coach Dunham,  who is also the STMS athletic director said, 6th graders should not be allowed to play. “This is the 6th graders first year here and they need to get adjusted to the schedule and changing classes, not sports,” said Dunham who coaches, football, basketball, and track.

Joshua Wilson, a 7th grader, also agreed that 6th graders should not be allowed to play sports.  “They need to learn about the school and not focused on sports,” Wilson said. “Next year you will know the school and you can play the sports. Most of the other schools don’t let their 6th grade play.”

Lexie Bolton a gymnast, Wildcat cheerleader, volleyball player, and track runner sided with Joshua Wilson and said,”I don’t think they should  be able to play sports because 6th graders should get used to middle school.”  Bolton said getting used to middle school was a struggle for her.

Josh Popov, a 6th grader, however, had a different opinion.  He said, “Yes, I would love that.” Nathaniel Barber, an STMS  football player, agreed with Popov. “Yes, 6th graders should play sports,” Barber said.  The now 7th-grader said when he was in 6th grade, he wished that he could have played football so he could get ready.

Coach Dunham said although 6th graders aren’t allowed to play middle school sports in South Carolina, there are still opportunities for them to play sports.  He said 6th graders can play on Gray-Y football or basketball leagues.

That’s what Corinthian Finch did. “I played Gray-Y football and AAU basketball in 6th grade,” said Finch who is now in the 7th grade. Finch who played football for the Wildcats said he would not have wanted to play middle school sports when he was in the 6th grade.He added that he had to focuses on his work in 6th grade

Mr. Hamm, the 6th-grade administrator, said he did not know that 6th graders were now allowed to play sports in North Carolina.  He said while he didn’t think South Carolina would allow 6th graders to play anytime soon, he said he would attend the games if it was allowed. “Yes, every single one of them,” he added.

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