Clown Sightings Seem To Have Ended

Wildcats are relieved that the creepy clown sightings have ended.

From August to the end of October there were numerous reports of clown sightings in the country, even in Rock Hill. Children and adults claimed to have spotted creepy clowns out and about.

The sightings brought about a lot of fears. Mrs. Madden, a 7-grade math teacher, did not like hearing about the clowns.  “I don’t like clowns, not a bit,” she said.  Mrs. Madden said she fears clowns “will come after her in her dreams.” Mrs. Madden thought people were trying to get attention and trying to scare people and had wished they would stop.

Officer Hammond, the STMS school resource officer, said he hasn’t heard of any sighting in months. “The last time I heard of one was back in October around Halloween,” Office Hammond said.

Although Ms. Tracy, A 7th-grade science teacher, said she isn’t scared of the clowns, she is also happy that the sightings have stopped.  Mrs. Tracy said at first she thought the clown sightings were real, but now she thinks people were just making it up.

Kimberly Vincent wasn’t worried about the clowns.  “They are ok,” she said. “I’m not scared of them.”


Jessica James wasn’t afraid of them either.  However, she was relieved the sighting have ended.  “I think that stuff is crazy,” James said. “Somethings I get concerned about people.”






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