Cookies: Sales, Bakers and Boss

Have you ever wondered, who makes the cookies for lunch? How many cookies do they sell in a week? Who runs the cookie sales? Mr. Patrick Hawthorne is the “keeper” of the cookie makers and the little “elves” are his students.

Mr. Hawthorne’s students follow strict guidelines when preparing the cookies.

The classic chocolate chip cookies  have been in bid demand at The Trail.  The cost for the tasty treats is $1 per package. Each package contains 3 cookies.  STMS 6th graders are able to purchase cookies on Wednesdays and the 7th and 8th graders are able to purchase cookies on Thursdays.

‘They’re Great,” said 8th Grader Lailah Johnson. “I get them every week,” she added. “They’re warm and soft and filled with great chocolate.”

Lillian Thompson agrees.  “I buy the chocolate chip cookies almost every week,” Thompson said.  “They’re really good.  They’re always warm and 3 cookies for one dollar makes it better.”

Thompson said she would recommend everyone buying them.

Mr. Hawthorne, who recognizes the importance of  learning life skills,  took the time to teach his students with disabilities how to bake these delicious cookies.

Cookie sales are a big deal at The Trail.

Three hundred cookies are baked for each cookie day.

His  students must follow strict guidelines when preparing the cookies.  “For the students to help make cookies, they must wear gloves and they must have good health,” said Mr. Hawthorne. If a student appears to be sick in any way, they are not allowed to assist with cookies that day, he said.

On cookie days, students use 6 baking pans where they place 15 cookies on each pan. The pans are rotated until 300 cookies are baked. After they are baked,  his students must wait for the cookies to cool before placing 3 cookies in individual cookie bags.

“I look ward to Thursdays when I know the 7th and 8th grade cookies will be sold,” said Raelyn McClurkin, an 8th grader.  “They have the perfect amount of chocolate chips and they’re always still warm when I buy them.”

Students say 3 cookies for a dollar is a pretty good deal.

You won’t find Mr. Hawthorne giving away the “secret recipe” for these cookies.

So you want to know the recipe for these popular cookies?  “Unfortunately, that’s top-secret,” Mr. Hawthorne stated.

STMS 6th graders look forward to purchase cookies on Wednesdays. Each week long lines can be seen outside of the cafe.










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