New School Year Brings About Welcomed Changes

Mr. Runyan, STMS  chorus and piano teacher, said he was happy to have all of the students back this year.

This school year, some  teachers, students and staff say are pleased with being back to a bit of normalcy.

Westly Runyan, STMS  chorus and piano teacher, “It has been good. This year has been exceptionally better than last year because I can have my full class sizes back, instead of having students split between A and B days. Lastly, it’s nice that we can interact more and go on field trips.”

Rebecca McCoy the 7th-grade guidance counselor agreed. “For me, I prefer not having to think about virtual students; I like being able to see everyone and interact with them more than I was able to last year on A-day and B-day; I feel like I didn’t get to know my kids as well as other instructors,”  McCoy said.

Being back also comes with some concerns.

Staying healthy this school year is a priority for Mrs. Bolyard, a 7th-grade math teacher.

“My concern each year is how to be the best teacher I can be for the students in my room that year,”  said Amaris Bolyard, a 7th-grade math teacher at STMS. Bolyard  added,  “This, to me, means how do I stay healthy, how do I improve my teaching, and how can I best reach my students so I can teach them.”

Even students find that they need to focus on self-care.

“I’m taking time for myself and putting out the effort and power to look after myself and to treat and reward myself when I’m doing well, ” said Isabella Tramell, a 7th grader.

For Korinthia Brown-Cason “KD,” a seventh-grader stated,  however,  this year hasn’t really been concerning.

“It could be worse,” Brown-Cason said. “And it’s a lot better than other schools.” 

Mrs. Frazier, a  7th-grade  science teacher, focuses on a successful year.

While many students and teachers say the year hasn’t been perfect, they are trying their best to make it a successful year.

“I try to remember that everyone is coming from a different experience from Covid,”  said Brittani Frazier, a  7th-grade  science teacher.


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