Wildcats Continue to Teach and Learn During A Pandemic

Schools are open and many Wildcats are excited about being back.  Even so, some say there are still challenges and concerns of teaching and learning in a Pandemic.

” I don’t know why they got these schools opening knowing that COVID still going around,” said Zimere Smith, a seventh grader said.  “I think they still have schools open because they want us to learn, even though there is virtual, some kids can’t learn by doing virtual.”


Because the rise of Covid , many teachers , students and staff have gotten vaccinated.

STMS School Nurse Bailey said nearly 100 kids have brought in their vaccinations cards. Many teachers have been vaccinated as well. “I’ve been vaccinated, ” said Mr. Charles, a 7th grade social studies teacher.  Mrs. Byrd, a 7th grade ELA teacher said she also has been vaccinated.

Nurse Bailey gives tips on how to stay healthy during the Pandemic.

Nurse Bailey there are several ways Wildcats can help protect themselves from the virus.  She said ways to do so are  “making sure you wash your hands, keeping a our mask on, getting enough sleep and getting vaccinated.”  Nurse Bailey said her Covid concerns are “The spread of Covid throughout the classrooms.” “There are more students this year than last year, masks were required last year but not this year,” said Nurse Bailey.

Mr. Tisdale, a 7th grade science teacher said ‘’I think kids should wear masks just for their safety, but at the same time it should be their choice.”

Mr.  Arthur, a 7th grade math teacher,  said “If it was up to me, none of us would be in school, but I’m here to help students learn.”


Teachers and students who did virtual last year said this year is really different.


“Virtual was better because I didn’t have to get out of my bed or I didn’t have to wake up early in the morning just to come to school,” said Jakarri Feaster, a 7th grader. Mrs. King, a 7th grade ELA teacher also liked Virtual School.  Virtual was a little better because I didn’t have to worry about kids turning work in late, because we could do Zooms where I could help them get caught up,” said Mrs. King.

Ms. Clowney , an 8th grade science teacher said, “I like the excitement being face to face because I get to teach and be a basketball coach. I also liked doing virtual because I got more work done doing virtual.”






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