Wildcats Gang Up For Good

IMG_0082Students and staff recently gathered near the cafeteria during their lunches to get their nails painted. It wasn’t like a full manicure or anything; it was just their pinkies being painted blue.

The nail painting was a part of Secret Deodorant’s anti-bullying campaign called Mean Stinks which encourages students worldwide to take a stand against bullying.

“I think it’s a very good thing that Saluda Trail is getting involved in something that can help us in such positive ways,” said Tia George, a 6th grader.

Others students said the Mean Stinks campaign has been beneficial to our school’s community.

“I’ve noticed people have changed their attitudes and become friendlier towards people they normally wouldn’t talk to,” said Ava Robinson who is in the 8th grade.

Although the Mean Stinks Campaign primarily targets girls, several boys and male staff also joined in on the action.

“My friends and I were excited to be able to get our nails painted to support anti-bullying,” said Ahmad Hall, a 7th grader. “After a while I noticed that we weren’t the only boys, other people including our male faculty had gotten theirs done too.”

Bullying doesn’t only affect the students who are being bullied; it can also affect the entire school community.

Ms. McAndrews, a 7th grade math teacher, said she doesn’t see lots of bullying at The Trail.

“I wouldn’t call what I see bullying, but I think that what I see could easily progress to a form of bullying if it happens more than it should,” McAndrews said.

Students were also encouraged to write positive words on a “Wall of Nice.”

Nice messages written on small cut out hearts now cover a bulletin board in the gallery near the teacher’s workroom. “You are amazing.” “You mean something to someone.” “You’re pretty.” “You are one of a kind.” “Be a leader, not a bystander.” These are just a few of the positive messages that were shared.

Saluda Trail guidance counselors hope to continue the movement.

“We are hoping to become more involved with Mean Stinks in the near future,” said Ms. Johnson, a 7th grade counselor. “We are also planning on having some up and coming activities related to the mean stinks campaign as soon as possible,” she said.


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