Team 8-1 got a taste of the real world

On Friday November 11th, team 8-1 students got a taste of the real world. The teachers on this team held a Mock Interview Day for their students. The students were paired with professionals who gave them mock, one-on-one job interviews.

Mrs. White, the ELA teacher on the team, said this was the fourth year that her students had participated in the mock interviews.  It was a part of a unit that was based on language arts and math.

Mrs. White said this year was a major success. “Everyone was well dressed, practiced and very prepared,” said Mrs. White.  She said each student that participated got to create a resume which included their accomplishments and skills.

Another part of the unit included research. Mrs. White said the students got to research their dream job and see what it was like.  They also had to create a budget.

“I was really nervous,” said Eli Davis who was interviewed by Ms.Quannie Johnson for the position of environmental engineer. “I have never done anything like this.”

Mrs. White said several speakers were brought in. One of this year’s guest was a music manager who was former wildcat. Mrs. White said her first performance happen to be at an STMS talent show which inspired her to do what she does.


Students on Team 8-1 got a taste of real life when they participated in Mock Interview Day.


Artists gone wild

Do you love creating your own works of art?  Don’t mind trying new things? Well, I have the club for you!

Introducing Art Warriors.  Art Warriors is Saluda Trail’s art club that meets after school. The club’s advisor is Mrs. Copley. It is open to students in all three grades.

Now if you’re wondering “Do they do the same thing as Art Class? “ Well, your answer is no. In Art warriors, students get to explore a lot of different things that are not usually done in their  art classes like tie-dye. They do a little bit of everything like draw,  paint, and sketch.

“My favorite thing was inking in pictures with Plexiglas and Sculpting tools,” said Lawson Veale, a  7th grader.

“I joined because I like to draw,” said Cierra Rice, another 7th grader.

So when is Art Club you’re asking? It’s every other week on Thursdays after school. So if you still want to join you can. They’re always open to new artists. So if you’d like to join then go right ahead.

So if you like art and want to join a club then stop by at Mrs. Copley’s room on related arts hall after school for Art Warriors.

Chick-fil-a Yum Yum

There is a new addition to the lunch choices at STMS. Chick-fil-A sandwiches are now being sold every Thursday for $3.00 each in the canteen. According to STMS Principal Elissa Cox, about 600 sandwiches have been sold each Thursday since the sales began in September.

The sandwiches, which have been a hit with both students and staff, have Wildcats craving for more. The sales helps to raise money for the school, according to Principal Cox who came up with the idea for the sales.

“I like them” said Lacie Cease, a 7th grader. “They should sell them on Wednesday and Friday.”

Emani Brown, a 6th grader, agreed. “They are good,” said Brown. “They should sell them every day.”

Mrs. Pruett, 7th grade counselor said the Chick-fil-A sales has been a “positive change” for our students and faculty. “It brings excitement on Thursday,” Pruett said.

Mrs. Johnson, the 6th grade counselor agreed. “The students seem happier on Thursday,” Johnson said.

Although students are requesting more days, Principal Cox said Thursdays are the only sale days for now.

Chick-fil-A has been around since 1946 in Hapeville, Georgia and was founded by S. Truett Cathy.

Daryn Questelle is ready to enjoy her Chick-fil-A sandwich during lunch.

Daryn Questelle is ready to enjoy her Chick-fil-A sandwich during lunch.

Students & Staff Enjoyed Character Day

Thought you might have recently seen Captain America taking a stroll around Saluda Trail or Peter Pan flying around?  You were not dreaming.

Students and Staff were excited to take part in a recent character day where they had the opportunity to dress up as their favorite character.

“Mr. Robinson was the best costume I’ve seen all day,” said Koriyahna Douglas, a 7th grader.  Mr. Robinson came dressed as Captain America.

As students and staff walked down the halls it was like a magical wonderland because of all the wildcats dressed up in costumes such as Inspector Gadget, the mouse from If you give a Mouse a Cookie, the Cat from The Cat in The Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Casper, and Batman. The staff members talked about how creative the students were with their costumes.

Student were especially happy because Saluda Trail hasn’t had a character day in years. Throughout the day students were overheard talking about which teachers and students stood out the most.

“Monster High is my favorite costume” said Yazmen Douglas, a 7th grader.

Saluda Trail’s staff members were also very creative. One of the most creative staff members was Mrs. Beck who oversees technology. Mrs. Beck came as Rapunzel.

Students and staff are looking forward to next Character Day.

Ms. Lengel, Macy Davis, Hannah Austin enjoyed dressing up as their favorite character.

Ms. Lengel, Macy Davis, Hannah Austin enjoyed dressing up as their favorite character.


New Grading Scale A Plus For Wildcats

Wildcats are excited about the new 10 point grading scale.

Wildcats are excited about the new 10 point grading scale.


Now that the first nine weeks has ended, Wildcats are able to see the effects of the new grading scale. Every student in a South Carolina school is now being graded on a ten points scale instead of seven and most seem to be excited about their changes as well as their grades.

The scale was approved last school year by the South Carolina Department of Education, who says, “It was made reviewing the impact for all students across the state.”

The old scale was 7 points, which is at a higher standard than most colleges. With the new scale, an A is now from 90%-100%, and a B is from 80%-89%. You can make a C scoring as low as a 70% to a 79%. To score a D, just make a 60%- 69% and an F make a 0%-59%.

Many students believe the scale has allowed them to make better grades. Jakhari Webb, a 7th grader, said when he heard we were getting a new grading scale, he thought, “It’s easier now to make A’s and B’s,” and he got, “excited.”

Mr. Kostecki, a 7th grade teacher, said the new grading scale “simplifies things for the students.” He believes that it makes things easier for the students. He says that although the students have the new scale, he is not going to grade them any harder than years past.

Roggie Hinson, an eighth grader, believes that the new scale is, “less stressful,” since we now have, “three extra points.” However, he believes that being graded at higher standard than colleges “would’ve pushed us to be better.”

The state of South Carolina is catching up to the other states, when it comes grading scales. Neighboring states such as Georgia and North Carolina had already begun using the 10 point scale.  Ms. Johnson, the guidance counselor for sixth grade, thought it was a “wonderful decision.” She believes that, “We are getting there, once we pinpoint a better system for assessments, it will make the kids excited when they’re making better strives.”  Ms. Johnson added that she is expecting more students’ names on the honor roll boards, and getting wildcat cards, and that it will, “boost their self-esteem.”

Mr. Kostecki, a 7th grade teacher, said the new grading scale “simplifies things for the students.”

Mr. Kostecki, a 7th grade teacher, said the new grading scale “simplifies things for the students.”



Record breaking pacer


Ava Robitaille, a 12 year old 7th grader, recently broke the school record for the Pacer Test, when she received a score of 81.

Ava Robitaille, a 12 year old 7th grader, recently broke the school record for the Pacer Test, when she received a score of 81.


While  all the other kid’s were recently gasping for a breath in P.E. ,Ava Robitaille, a 12 year old 7th grader,was still pushing through the Pacer Test, trying to break the school record. Robitaille, reached her goal, making the new girls’ record 81 on Oct. 17th.

The Pacer Test stands for Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run. It is where “Students run back and forth as many times as they can between two marker,” according to the  fitness gram instructions.  The test helps tell how good or bad a student is at aerobic fitness. It was made by the Cooper Institute and in partnership with the National Football League’s Play 60 Movement.

“It feels good to say I broke the pacer record since I get my name on a plaque,” Robitaille said. Her previous Pacer record was 75.

Robitaiile’s scores exceeds the high range for 12 year old girls. The Health Norm Rages for the Pacer for Girls 12 years old is 15 for a low and 41 for a high.

Robitaille attributes her scores to being an active youth. She  plays soccer and basketball for extracurricular sports, and she has been running for four years. “It does help to have some experience because you learn a technique,” she said.

Gabriel Popov, another 7th grader, has taken the pacer before and said he thinks that the pacer is challenging because it makes you go faster every time. Popov, who also plays soccer, received a score of 50.

Coach Keaton,  an STMS P.E. teacher, also didn’t score as well as Robitalle. She said she took the pacer when she was 51 and her record was just 38-40.




Pencil Machines Could Give Students the “Write” Tools

Pencil Machines could provide STMS students with the "Write" Tools

Pencil Machines could provide STMS students with the “Write” Tools

You ask your friend or teacher for a pencil, usually you get the same answers, “No,” “Only got one,” “One for me.” Now you’re in class without a pencil and unable to do your work. What if you had a pencil machine in school for only $00.25 to a $1.00?  Wouldn’t that be a more convenient way of getting one then always asking someone for a pencil?

Currently students wanting to purchase pencils must do so at the school store. Saluda Trail’s school store is located in the media center.  It is open before school and during lunch.  Prices range is from $0.10 to $5.00.  Students can purchase the usual school supplies like pencils, paper, notebooks, and even things for Science Fair like the science fair boards. “Any school supplies, we have it,” said Ms. Hood, Saluda Trail’s Media Specialist.

The store however, is not open when the media center is closed. This sometimes presents a problem for students who are in need of supplies. Students who attended Oakdale Elementary School had access to a pencil machine and say they liked being able to purchase pencils throughout the school day.

Jarod Feaster, a former Oakdale student, liked the pencil machine. “They had different pencils,” Feaster said. “It was cheap, only a quarter.” Dasani Jackson agreed. “It was cheap and they had different designs,” said Jackson. Students said the pencils in the machine had festive colors and cool designs.

Some students , however, said there were problems with the machines.

Jordan Mahoney, former Oakdale student, says “It stole my money and I really hated it because it was broken down and I could’ve used that money for ice cream.”

Chasidy Cureton, another former Oakdale student, said “I didn’t like it at first because it took my money.”

Mrs. Campbell, Saluda Trail principal, said she hasn’t heard of any requests for pencil machines. “I haven’t seen that as a need,” said Mrs. Campbell. “I’ve never heard of someone in need of a pencil, since we sell pencils in the media center.”

Some students and teachers, however think that pencil machines could benefit students. “I think a pencil machine is a great idea,” said Ms. Lengel, 7th grade science teacher. “Students often find themselves without a pencil and a pencil machine would give them a way to solve that problem,” Lengel added.  A pencil  machine could be a game changer.

Those who like the idea of having a pencil machine said if Saluda Trail decides to purchase one, hopefully it will give students the “write” tools.

G.E.M.S = Pretty & Brainy

All of the girls who attend this club are pretty and brainy.  Saluda Trail’s’ G.E.M.S. Club, which stands for Girls in Engineering,  Math and Science, is an all girls club that meets at 7: 45 a.m. every other Thursday in the media center.  It is open to girls in all grades. The sponsors say there is an equal balance between pretty and brainy. “One week they will do an activity with something pretty and then the next week brainy,” said one participant Kaylynn Strain.”

At a recent G.E.M.S. meeting Mrs. Lengel, 7th grade science teacher and one of the sponsors, could be heard saying, ” When I say pretty, you say brainy.” The participants excitedly chanted along: “Pretty Brainy, Pretty Brainy.”

G.E.M.S. participants say they enjoy not only coming together to learn about engineering, math and science, but to have fun doing girly stuff as well.

“One week the G.E.M.S. made prizes for the girl’s night,” said Emma Westmoreland, a 7th grade participant. Westmoreland said the girls enjoyed the arts and crafts. “We made really nice flower pots,” she added.

Seventh Grader Rageligh Sullivan agreed.”It’s an activity that I will never forget,” Sullivan said. “It was a time where we bonded and laughed and got a lot accomplished.”

G.E.M.S. plays a major role in helping to expose students to careers in the areas of Engineering, Math and Science . “It’s our job as G.E.M.S to make sure there is more female scientist and engineers,” said Leeann Miller, a 6th grade G.E.M.S. participant .

G.E.M.S. participants say they are "Pretty Brainy!"

G.E.M.S. participants say they are “Pretty Brainy!”



New counselor is welcomed to the Saluda Trail family

One of the first things that Miss Fulmer noticed about Saluda Trail when she arrived was that STMS is more than a school, it is a family. “Everyone was welcoming and they would always say welcome to the family,” said Miss Fulmer, a first year guidance counselor.

Miss Fulmer started her new job back in August as the 7th grade guidance counselor. Mrs. Depinto, the previous grade level guidance counselor, left last summer after her husband landed a job in Raleigh, NC.

Miss Fulmer, who  grew up in Greenville, South Carolina graduated from Mauldin High School. She later attended Winthrop University where she graduated her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education for Counseling and

Mr. Moton and Miss Fulmer show their school spirit. Fulmer, a new counselor, said she has enjoyed being a part of the Wildcat Family.

Mr. Moton and Miss Fulmer show their school spirit. Fulmer, a new counselor, said she has enjoyed being a part of the Wildcat Family.


Mr. Moton, the 7th grade administrator, said Miss Fulmer has adjusted well. “This is Ms. Fulmer’s  first full time job as a guidance counselor, and you can’t tell it,” said Mr. Moton the assistant principle. Students and teachers say they have enjoyed working with her. “I like how smart and how charismatic she is,” said Mrs. Ford, a 7th grade ELA teacher. “She has a lot of energy” said Mrs. Copley, Saluda Trail’s Art teacher. “She is funny and sarcastic and is a nice guidance counselor,” said Jaylen Douglas, a 7th grade student.

During her free time, Miss Fulmer enjoys long distance water swims.  She swims at Winthrop and is practicing for a five mile race into the ocean. She enjoys eating at her favorite restaurant Ru San’s, a sushi restaurant in Charlotte. Her favorite place to visit is Costa Rica. Miss Fulmer is a pet lover. She has two cats named Cooper and Ambrose.

Miss Fulmer says she loves Saluda Trail. She enjoys the Problem Base Learning (PBL) that takes place here as well as the fact that it’s a Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM) middle school.

She said there are some challenges, however. “It’s sometime stressful making sure I’m reaching every kid during the school day,” said Miss Fulmer.





Banners Add New Life to the Gym

If you’ve recently ventured in the STMS gym, you probably have noticed something quite exciting. Five vinyl sports banners adorn the left side of the gym wall. The banners, which are 7 feet tall, are in honor of the former Wildcat athletes who have made it to the big leagues.

The banners that are displayed honors Phillip Adams, Tori Gurley, Jonathan Meeks, Stephon Gilmore and Chelsea Douglas. Philip Adams currently plays football for the Atlanta Falcons. Tori Gurley plays for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. Jonathan Meeks and Stephon Gilmore both play football for the Buffalo Bills. Chelsea Douglas, the only female being honored at this time, plays basketball overseas for the Freiburg Team in Germany.

“It’s great to see people honored in such a special way,” said Coach Black, who coaches STMS baseball. Students also think it’s a great idea. “To see the banners for the first time is something I will never forget,” says Ryland Collins, a 7th grader.

For a long time Mr. Nesbitt, STMS video production teacher and Coach Stancil, STMS gym teacher, both had the idea of honoring student athletes from the past. This year they put their heads together and came up with the idea of the banners. They said it wasn’t that hard to figure out who was going to be on the banners. The honorees had to be in a professional sport of some sort and they had to have attended Saluda Trail.

The banners have inspired many students to become someone great. Students said as they face the banners, they wonder if they will ever be able to make it to the big leagues too.

“I think it shows the history of the school very well and also that it’s something that other schools don’t have at the moment,” said Mahogany Hart, a 7th grader.

Wildcats Gear up to Play Ball

STMS Baseball Coach Black

Coach Black, STMS first ever baseball coach, is excited about the new program.

Since Saluda Trail’s opening in 1999, this school has seven different sport options for students in which the school has consistently dominated.    Saluda Trail expanded its sports options this year with the addition of a baseball team and now there are eight sports from which students can choose.

“It’s a good thing,” said Carson Westmoreland, who is a second baseman. “I’m happy to play on the first ever team.”

Since the beginning of Saluda Trail, basketball and football have garnered a  lot of sports interests at our school. Because of this, the focus was not on baseball. A parent, however, approached Coach Byrd and asked if there was a possibility for a baseball team. Mr. Venables, who is now serving as an assistant coach, also wanted to find out if there was enough interest to form a team. There was.

From February 2nd to February 5th, 28 students competed for a spot on the first ever Saluda Trail baseball team.  The players that made the cut had to have the following attributes: throwing, fielding, hitting, speed, and baseball iq.  After all the cuts had been made, 13 out of the original 28 made the team.

Since enough interest was present, Coach Black (the head coach) started to fundraise because the Rock Hill School District currently does not fund the new baseball team.  Coach Black started to fundraise with local businesses and privately owned small businesses.  Along with small and local businesses, some parents, including Mrs. Craig and the Greenwoods helped with funds.   Fundraising was simple. Coach Black would ask the businesses “would you like to help start a youth baseball program at Saluda Trail.” Several were willing.

The 2016 and first ever Saluda Trail baseball team players include: Nate Barber, Cody Craig, Logan Craig, Nolan Faulkenberrry,  Troy Frazier, Josh Gainey, Ernie Greenwood, Chase Johnson, Chris King, Jarrett Mayfield, Seven Roach, Ben Venables, Carson Westmoreland,  and Tyrese Weeks-Minton.

Mr. Moton  is excited about the new team. “This team will give students an additional opportunity to compete in a sport that they love and compete for the school, said Mr. Moton, 7th grade principal and former athletic director. “This will also help students prepare for the high school level.”

If you are interested in watching the Wildcat’s new baseball team in action, below is a list of upcoming games, locations, and dates.All games start at 5:30 PM.

Date Opponent Location
 4-11-16  Fort Mill  South Pointe
 4-13-16  Clover  Clover
 4-14-16  Banks Trail  Banks Trail
 4-22-16 Tournament  Rock Hill


Little Visitors

Did you happen to see elementary students at STMS? Well, they are 2nd and 3rd graders from Northside Elementary School of the Arts. They were here during the school day in order to rehearse for their musical production, Summer Camp. Over 100 students were involved in the production, from performing on stage, to helping behind the scenes. All students had to audition for a role. Students rehearsed for everyday for seven weeks! The final production was performed for their school and community here at STMS on November 12th.

We’re so honored to have had these visiting artists-in-training at our school, and hope to see them again!

NSES students in Summer Camp

NSES student in Summer Camp

NSES students in Summer Camp

NSES students in Summer Camp

Guess Who



He’s one of STMS’s very own. He played on your football fields, and your basketball courts. Mr. Moton couched him, and he says “He was a beast” on the field. You still don’t know who it is? It’s Tori Gurly!

What was he like? He was a great teammate. Mr. Moton said,  “He was willing to do whatever it took to help the team win.” He was a hard worker and in return he was a great influence to the other team mates. He was all so very selfless he wanted a creation position but Mr. Moton saw that he had potential to play another position. He knew that it would be better for the team if he did what his couch thought was best.

Mr. Moton said that he remember Tori’s passion for the game. Tori was a normal teenage boy, and so he was hard headed but he was wise to listen to his couches. When some people lose a game they are just mad, but he took a different approach. Mr.Moton said that he was of course upset, but he thought back on what went wrong and tried to improve on it. Then what was he like then when he won? He was the same except that he was happy. He still went back and tried to improve on what he had done wrong. What a great player.

So now that you have heard from his coach, now let’s hear from Tori. So you might think that this school isn’t the best, but now you see that it has stars. Tori said “I had a lot of good memories.” He praised all of his teachers. He said that they were all great. He said that this was a great stepping stone towards his career. He also mentioned how much this school has changed for the better. We have all this new technology and we have so many more opportunities. So just think if he could make it big with what he had then think what you could do now.

Yearbooks For Sale!!

Last years yearbook! Order yours now!

Last years yearbook! Order yours now!

Yearbooks are $35 through December 31st. Then January 1st it goes up to $40.

Don’t forget to purchase your yearbooks before the price goes up. You can pay with cash, but if you pay with a check you need to have a phone number and DL number on it. If your core teacher didn’t give you an order form, or if you lost it, come to Mrs. Dantzler’s room (Computer Lab 2) for a new order form, or to turn your money/order in.

The website to order the yearbook is



Krispy Kreme


Think about Krispy Kreme and what comes to mind, doughnuts of course. They offer a variety of choices that you can’t resist, from lemon-filled to original glazed. There are even different flavors available according to which time of year it is. Right now, there are football doughnuts, pumpkin spice, and even a salted caramel latte doughnut.

Customers find Krispy Kreme doughnuts a very delightful treat. “They’re fresh” said Mr. Denio a math teacher who brought doughnuts for his football team if they won.

Krispy Kreme is right around the corner from Quik Trip on Celanese Road. When the Carolina Panthers win, you can buy a dozen for $3.99 on Monday. There is always some kind of special going on at Krispy Kreme. Make sure to stop by and get a tasty treat!

**Fall Sports Pictures**

If you play a fall sport you need to read this.

November 18
Lifetouch will be here to take fall sport pictures. The sports included will be volleyball, cheer, and football. Order forms should be here soon. They will be given to coaches as soon as they are available.

Get those pretty smiles ready, Wildcats!!

Purple shirts?


STMS Purple STEAM shirts available in the Front Office for $16

How did the purple shirts become an option? This is the main question a lot of students have been wanting to know. Who came up with it, and why is the shirt purple? All of these questions are about to be answered for you!

One thing I’ve heard around school is “why do we have a new uniform color”? Mr. Moton said “A new uniform color was chosen because of a 7th grade PBL project, to see what color shirt helps students learn better”. Research shows that purple helps stimulate the brain. The shirt was chosen by all grade levels voting on different colors that the 7th graders found that stimulates the brain better. Once all results were tabulated, it was decided that purple was voted on by the  most students.

Something else I really wanted to know, is why do we have a Northwestern color and most kids at STMS are going to South Pointe. Mr. Moton told me “That’s a good question! But the Northwestern and the purple shirts didn’t even come to mind; it wasn’t about the Northwestern color and about what color helps students learn better.

I also asked Mr. Moton if would he consider dropping uniforms and giving students a choice to wear the purple shirts. He said no because there are rules and regulations in our district for dress code. My opinion on the purple shirts is that it’s okay.

Winthrop Students Visit STMS


Fellow college students who attend Winthrop University came to visit Saluda Trail Middle School’s 7th grade Journalism class on Friday, October 9th. The college students all have majors in different fields of Journalism like broadcasting journalism and mass communications.

The students came to visit to show them how to be a better journalist. They assigned story outlines (who, what, where, when, how, and, why) and had them choose one to interview about, along with tips about creating interview questions. It’s important to ask open-ended questions, instead of just yes or no questions; that way more discussion and thoughts are given with the response. They also demonstrated the proper way to interview someone. The college students the class at least 5 minutes to brainstorm a list of ten questions or more to ask them. Once the interview was complete, and they answered all of the questions.

“I thought it was fun because they interacted with us like they were our age.” said Ka’Charriea Carter who is enrolled in the 7th grade Journalism class.

First Female in Office?

Hillary Clinton’s official announcement to run for president of the United States has a lot of people talking, including teachers at The Trail.

Mrs. Clinton is running for the Democratic nomination. She was the First Lady to Bill Clinton from 1993-2001. Now he might be the first “First Man” in the White House.  When Hillary Clinton was elected as a U.S. Senator in 2001, she became  the first woman to hold a national office. Now she might be the first woman to become a president.

Mr. Kostecki, a 7th grade science teacher, said  the U.S. is more than ready for a female president.
“The world has already witnessed them and we have had many female leaders,” Kostecki said. “There is evidence and examples throughout our history that have proven the ability of women to be great leaders. Their record speaks for itself and is why I believe many would respect one.”

Kostecki said he doesn’t foresee any major changes in the country if it were to be ran by a female president. “I think it would be business as usual,” he said. “I think a president’s job to protect and serve our country. I don’t think any female would go in pushing a one-sided agenda just to prove anything. I understand that there are countries in the world that believe that women should not have a leadership role. However, in Hillary’s case, she has the worldly experience as 1st Lady and Secretary of State to understand how to deal with those countries leaders already.”

Kostecki went on to say, “I think she is a formidable opponent to anyone who would think that she shouldn’t stand at the same level as them.”

Kostecki  added that he doesn’t base his voting on gender. “It wouldn’t be something that I even consider,” he said. It is the same thing with the 1st African American President. Race, religion, gender is not part of the criteria I would use to vote for president. My choice would be based mainly on their political views, experience, and track record of working across party lines (being a leader who brings people together) and their international knowledge and experience.”

Ms. Hood, the media specialist, said the beauty of our the United State is “It’s a free country and she can run for whatever she wants.”
Kostecki  said he believes the Democratic party will behind her with full support if she  wins the nomination.   “Unfortunately I think if Hillary is elected there are a lot of people who will never accept her no matter what, ” he added. “We have become a two sided country with no in between. I think both parties need to gravitate more to the middle. We can only hope.”




Taken for Granted?

Do students take our freedoms for granted?

Do students take our freedoms for granted?

Are you one of those people who take your freedom for granted? All of us in some point in our lives probably have!  Many people do, especially kids. They always want the newest phones or gadgets. Many of them don’t even think twice about our brave Americans who fought to keep this country free. They’re too busy caught up in social media or hanging out with friends to even think twice about it. Take a look at Independence Day, or 4th of July… sooner or later people will probably forget about the true meaning of this holiday. They are too busy having cookouts or buying fireworks or hosting parties. This is the anniversary of the publication of the Declaration of Independence when Thomas Jefferson signed it declaring that our country was officially free from Great Britain. It was signed on July 4th, 1776.

What about Memorial Day? I don’t think kids, and even some adults, even realize what Memorial Day means. It is a remembrance day for remembering those fallen heroes who have died in combat, while serving our country. Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 25. How about Veterans Day; which is a day that gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice for all United States Veterans. Whether it is Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, or Marines, they are all important and all remembered. Kids usually take these days for granted too. They think of it as a day off from school, which it is; however they spend it shopping, sleeping in, or other “leisurely” activities. They don’t remember it as a sacred holiday that we should honor.

Lastly, the American Flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Most classes say the Pledge every morning; although most kids don’t even participate or say it. They put their hand over their heart and that’s it. It is understandable if some kids are offended by some of the words in the Pledge, maybe because of their religion or maybe it is for some other reasons. That still doesn’t give you the excuse to not participate. The problem with all of this is that people are forgetting the true meanings of the holidays. They take our freedom for granted; so next time when your are enjoying yourself, or eating or something like that, just remember our veterans and remember; they are fighting and defending while we are having fun. We need more Patriotism from everyone. Why not stand up now? Do something instead of doing nothing!

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